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Firearm Courses


Granite offers several types of courses with both hand guns and rifles. From introductory  type courses to advanced, including private courses that can be customized to your specific needs.  We also feature a few different types of Low-Light/No Light classes.  

We have a 12 shooter limit to all our classes to ensure a better experience.

Prep and Loadout


Looking to come out for the first time? New to Training?  

Read through the info listed here and it will help make you get the most of your course. Tips on what to bring, how to prepare and a range safety overview. 

Vehicle Training


The primary instructor for GFT also has  a long and unique background in use of vehicles in an operational setting in off-road conditions or in a tactical environment. 

Covering courses designed for the private user in a critical scenarios up to multi- vehicle deployment and armored personnel  vehicles.  John has done work for the US Military and over two dozen Law Enforcement agencies.  

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About and Background


John Kanicsar is the lead instructor for Granite Firearms Training. He began Granite in 2013 and has instructed for civilians, law enforcement and military.

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Up Coming

Low-Light/No Light Curse

Saturday Nov. 2 2019 

Cowtown Range

3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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