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The Lead Instructor and owner of  Granite Firearms Training is John Kanicsar. John is a certified National Rifle Asc, Law Enforcement Instructor and his classes are based  on his experience and training.  He worked in a reserve-position for the Sheriff's Office,  allowing him to train, assist, and function with many of his agency's tactical units.  Along working in Patrol, spent time  in several of the departments specialty units such as the Human Smuggling Unit and K9/SWAT.  His longest running assignment was senior team member in the Arrest Warrant Teams.  With over  7 years on various warrant teams,  was a senior team member and provided training and assessment for the program.  



In January of 2000, John first began his time  with Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in a Search and Rescue unit.  After a few assignments,  he realized he could combine his fabrication and offroad experience to create an asset to assist in operations.  By 2006, his vehicle and skill set had been requested to help in patrol operations. MCSO was dealing with more intense border security threats along with increase human and narcotic smuggling.   He was also being utilized in patrol operations by request in the southern part of Maricopa County.

It was his experience during these operations that led him to his first instructional contract in 2013, spending 4 weeks working with the 19th Special Forces group teaching operational vehicle tactics and mobility.


Working Granite

In 2013, John began Granite Firearms Training  which not only covered his contract work for other training institutions for private and Law Enforcement agencies,  but also gave him the avenue to work with and train individuals and professional organizations.  Covering topics from basic fundamentals of firearms safety to advanced weapon handling and tactics.


Adam Providing Cover

 In 2014 GFT welcomed Adam Davis to the staff after he had attended, as a student, about every class that GFT offered. Adam’s full-time background is as a manager and instructor for one of the most prominent training companies in the world that specialize in crew training for the helicopter rescue, tactical, and special operations world, a job that regularly has him traveling around the US as well as internationally. Growing up in AK, Adam developed a passion for firearms from a young age that has continued through both his personal and professional lives. Pulling on his experience working in remote environments doing rescue work to his 13 years of experience as a professional instructor in his field, he’s an excellent resource to help keep the classes on track and take care students should issues arise.