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Prep and loadout


Safety Brief, Notes, and Prep Guide

This section is to cover  some questions and help you prepare for the event so  you can maximize your time.  Keep in mind, the following info is general info and some classes may have more specific issues.  Those specific details will be highlighted in the particular  course notes.  if you still have some questions, please reach out and we will give your more info 

Safety, Responsibility and the 4 Rules

Going to the range is about learning, trying to new skills, and having fun. That said, "we're not teaching fly fishin.'"   All persons coming out to Granite Firearms Training events are expected act with responsibility and a safe mindset.  Most courses at the range are considered hot.  Safe weapon  handling is Critical, notably when offline in the prep area.  The 4 Rules of weapon handling are paramount.

  • All guns are always loaded.
  • Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  • Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Violation of these rules can lead to dismissal from the range.   If you have any doubt about any action, please ask.

Things happen and issues arise.  If there is loadout change, weapon repair or maintenance needed, just let us know by getting range staff personal.  We will help and make sure you get what you need.  We're all out here together. 

At times, space in the prep area can be tight.  Be courteous and a good range mate.  

If at any time, you have any doubt or a question.  Please reach out and ask. We are happy to help.

At times, the range can get hot, it can get long and the physical wear can creep up. Your well being is paramount.  If there is certain issue with a drill concerning fatigue or previous physical condition, we will work with you.  If you  need to sit out or alter something, let us know right away.  Let the GFT staff know and we will take care of you. 

Range Prep and Kit

Most classes do require a certain minimum load out.  

  • You should have 3 magazines for each weapon.  And, a way to retain 2 spare magazines on you of your choosing.  Duty belt, mag pouches, kydex holders. etc
  • Rifles require  a sling. 
  • All handguns used in the course will need an outside the waistband holster. Serpas types are not authorized on Cowtown  Range

Personal Safety

  • Make sure to bring appropriate clothing for the range.  Long sleeve shirts, hats for the sun.
  • Eye protection and ear protection are a must.  You will not be allowed to participate in GFT classes with out Eye and Ear protection. If you are taking a night course, don't forget clear safety glasses as well
  • Most ranges that GFT use are remote.  Make sure to bring any medications you may need such allergy medications or fast acting asthma inhalers. 

Settle In and Stay Awhile

Most ranges that GFT use are remote so pack some goodies.  Bring plenty of water and food as there are no locations that are close. The ranges usually don't have extra shade, chairs or tables.  That said, we usually have room so bring your own chair and table and maybe a shade pop-up.  Set up a good space to work out of for the day.  If you are taking a night class, bring some auxiliary lighting such as a small lantern or headlamp so you can see in your area.

Still have a Question?

Please reach out to the GFT staff and can answer anything you want know and we can fill you in or work something out.

Take care,

   GFT Staff