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Vehicle Training (classes and courses TBA)


Operational Vehicle Courses TBA

We're getting there.  Info for OV Courses for both Private  and LE/MILto be listed soon.


One the primary cores of GFT is vehicle training.  John's background is heavily rooted in offroad mobility using vehicles in operational setting. His time designing and building different vehicles along with his experience in the field, has given him some unique views and lessons that he has passed on to military and law enforcement agencies. 


Knowing Thy Vehicle...

Knowing and understanding your vehicle is critical.  Can't plan ops and tactics if you really don't understand your most valuable asset.  


Lightweight and Standard Vehicles

Vehicles can be set in many categories depending on the usage and environment.  Lightweight, being of the sport or tubular design such a "buggies" or variations of UTV's. This can also include commercial built vehicles, both domestically and abroad. These would include SUV's or pick-up trucks such Toyotas or Fords.  Commonly found overseas as impromptu vehicles used for work or in the LE for standard patrol duties. 


Operational Mind Set

Most of the time, vehicle training and familiarization does not get the attention or thought it deserves.  Vehicle preservation, field expedient repairs, minimizing risk and damage.  Recovery work and vehicle extraction, "getting off the X", tactics and vehicle preparation.